Flexible Membership - The Golf Membership built for you

Can’t justify the cost of traditional golf membership? Welcome the flexible golf membership that lets you play your way. Whether you play just at one golf club or on a multitude of our partner courses, this affordable golf memberships gives you the flexibility to do so! With your flexible golf membership, you will receive genuine membership benefits at your selected club.

We have recently introduced our flexible membership, which we work hand in hand with Play More Golf (PMG).

For £399 you will become a flexible member at Strawberry Hill Golf Club for a year. As a flexible member, you will receive 100 points; 80 points sit in a 'home' balance which can only be used at Strawberry Hill Golf Club. 20 points sit in a 'flexi' balance and can be used across our entire network of partner clubs.

This enables you to:

* Play at 260+ different clubs. Use your flexi points to play at the many golf clubs in our network.
* Bring up to 3 guests. Golf is better with friends, bring along guests or add another member to your booking.
* Book online. The PMG app makes booking a round quick and easy.
* Obtain a handicap. Having a flexible membership means that you can hold a genuine golf handicap.
* PMG clubs value all of their members, including those with flexible memberships. Taking part is highly encouraged for competitive players.